Home Sick

I keep trying to convince myself that my nausea is subsiding, but that’s hard to do… when it’s not. I have one medication that I take during the day, and one I take at night (which helps with nausea a little, but also puts me to sleep). Last night I decided not to take the night med because I thought it was too late and I wouldn’t be able to wake up for work. I should have taken it, because I squirmed and gagged all night, and I couldn’t get any sleep after 4am. In addition to my usual nausea, my sinuses are stuffy and I have the beginnings of a sore throat, and headache so I called in sick to work… which I really-really hate doing.

Other than that, I had an appointment with my midwife yesterday, and everything is looking and sounding like it should! They aren’t too concerned that I’m still not feeling well. They just keep telling me “it’ll get better.” Which makes me feel like punching them and telling them the same thing…but that’s probably just the hormones talking. One more week and we find out if the little angel is male or female. I have thought it was a girl from the beginning, but I had a dream it was a boy… so my guess is, it’s one of those.

Picking names is fun. Grant and I have similar taste in names, for the most part. The problem is he likes certain sounds together, and doesn’t care if it’s actually a name, or just a sound, or a word that already has a meaning attached… he’ll say, “I don’t know something like Clamor, or Jovi would be nice, but of course not that.” So I try to think of names that have those sounds, but are actually names. My friend Kara noticed that most of the names I like are Russian/Ukrainian and Grant tends to like English names (or non-names). There has to be a Russian-English name composed of good sounds out there…we just have to find it. We had our dog for a 3 or 4 days before we decided on the perfect name (Ziggy). Can you do that with a kid? Take it home for a few days, then pick a name?

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