baby adams is a …

We went in for the ultrasound today and found out I’ve been right all a long! It’s a girl!!!!

She didn’t hold still for a second. She twirled and tumbled and kicked for the whole photo shoot. The ultrasound technician had to keep moving the probe from one side of my belly to the opposite side to keep her in site. My midwife said the same thing a few weeks ago when she was trying to hear the heartbeat and the baby kept swimming laps. Maybe that’s why I’ve been so sick!?

I had an old coworker who was a great therapist. When our teenage clients would say something in a therapy group, she always responded with an affirmation… “That’s courage!” she would say, or, “That’s so tough” or most often, when there wasn’t anything obviously good about what the teen said, she’d say, “That’s honest!” This morning on the way to work, I realized I only gaged once during the whole commute, and that I haven’t thrown up this whole week. So I affirmed myself… “That’s progress!”

Almost week 19 and feeling much less nauseous and feeling very excited about our very active, very little GIRL!!! That is progress!

6 thoughts on “baby adams is a …

  1. I can't wait to meet our little beauty. She was quite the swimmer in there. She kept pointing her butt towards technicians ultrasound gun and I couldn't help but think of all the diapers we'll be changing on that rear.It's strange to think that she already has a personality in there. Will she be an introvert or extravert, cautious or curious, competitive, compassionate, a thinker or a feeler? What will her laugh sound like? I hope she has her mother's sense of humor.As we were walking out from the appointment, Beccy said to me, "Can you believe someday you'll walk her down the aisle?" Whoa, I don't think I'm quite ready for that! But, I think we still have some time before that, so we'll keep the first things first and see to it this baby keeps growing and twirling around in there.I'm ready to feel that first kick, baby, so keeping moving those legs.

  2. Wow — that is great! If it was a boy I thought I might buy a fishing boat. I'll hold off on that for a few years! Yes – she has great parents!

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