You just wait…you have no idea.

Grant and I live with our friends, who just had a baby in August. It’s kind of a nice practice run for us to have an infant in the house, but I think she might be spoiling us. She only cries for about 5-10 seconds at a time and is very easily consoled. She sleeps great, and never wails or screams. She’s a very cute, very happy baby! According to my parents my older sister cried inconsolably for two years. Then I was born and I wailed for about 2 years straight and didn’t require much sleep. About 7 years later my little sister was born and I remember I could hear her crying from anywhere in the house… most of the time, till I was about 15(that’s how I remember it anyway). I’m not sure what kind of baby Grant was, but if my genetics have anything to say… I think we should soak up all of the silence and sleep we can!

I hear a lot of people say some version of: “You think your life is complicated…wait till you have kids” or, “You think pregnancy’s tough…just wait till she’s born!”

They’re probably right, but of course, I don’t really like hearing this because a) it implies that I do not know everything and b)it’s a bit grim. It reminds me of a job I once had where I was welcomed by my new coworker on my first day with the greeting, “Welcome to the chaos!” Neither welcoming, nor helpful (might have been helpful if I had turned and ran). So even though billions have survived becoming parents, why do I get the impression that nothing can prepare me for the drastic-permanent-monumental-irreversible-life altering-personality shifting-permanent change that will take place in about 20 weeks? Who knows, I might wake up and suddenly be a completely different person who hates dill pickles and trampolines, loves bananas, spells my name with a k, and wants to talk about cookware everyday (all day). But probably I don’t know what I’m talking about because I don’t have kids yet.

So anyway, if you know anyone who might tell me that I don’t know what I’m in for… please tell them- I already heard that and I don’t know what it means or how it can help. Also, tell them that I’m trying to cherish not knowing, until I have to/get to know. All I know is, my baby might be a happy, hyperactive, nameless princess right now… but she needs to just wait till she’s born…(she has NO idea what she’s in for).

3 thoughts on “You just wait…you have no idea.

  1. Beccy, I've been wondering if we should get some new pans, but I keep asking myself, "is calphalon tri-ply stainless-steel as good as cusinart multiclad pro?"What do you think?

  2. Grant was a very easy baby. When he learned how to talk he seldom quit. He had so many questions, many of which I didn't know the answer to. In fact even before he could say many real words he would mimic the rhythm of a conversation. He liked to do this especially with jokes. Maybe that's where he got the "as long as the name sounds good" thing. Anyway, 50% chance of a nice quiet baby who sleeps good, and tells jokes. Now Brett was a differant story. Fun to think of how she will be. Mary

  3. Grant- I have no idea what you're talking about or how you know those words :)Mary- good to hear that Grant was an easy baby! Hoping for a good sleeper! That's funny how he would "tell" jokes.

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