I know there are worse feelings than having nausea for 5 months- I just can’t think of any examples at the moment. I had a few days where I thought I might be getting better… but now I’m back to feeling wretched. My newest symptom is migraines- and the nausea has worsened again.

The most exciting thing that happened today was that I found out my insurance company covers acupuncture (for the treatment of nausea in pregnancy). I think this is the only thing I haven’t tried yet. However, the first guy I called didn’t sound confident that he could help me. He seemed shocked that I was still nauseous after 20 weeks… which made me wonder if maybe this is his first week on the job. I might be in the minority- but it’s not unheard of. He also said he has never used acupuncture for this purpose but he thinks a chiropractic adjustment might do the trick… so I’ll give him a try. Then I’ll try someone else. I’m willing to try anything!

I’m also taking suggestions. Maybe I just need a good placebo. If anyone has any ideas that isn’t ginger, b-6. b-12, phenergan, zophran, protein, fiber, unisom, benedryl, cranberries, dried fruit, herbal tea, 6 small meals, pedialyte or crackers by my bedside- I’m all ears!

I’ve been reading about how great exercise is for pregnancy. It’s suppose to make the baby smarter and all this other really healthy stuff. Unfortunately, making it through the work week alive and awake has taken every ounce of and ambition I have. My goal is to get to feeling better and get this baby to the gym. We’ll see… hopefully the chiropractic adjustment will cure me from feeling like I’m tumbling around in a giant dryer (overheated/dizzy/head banging against the side).

On a more positive note, Grant and I have agreed on a name for the moment. We’re trying it out for a week or so to see if we change our minds about it or have other ideas. Well, it’s 9:15… I guess I’ll call it a day. Good night!

6 thoughts on “Blah

  1. My chiropractor does acupuncture, and she's great. Make an appointment to see Dr. Sheila White at White Chiropractic in Burnsville.I do hope you start feeling better soon, Beccy.-Richelle

  2. So sorry to hear you're still feeling icky. My friend, who worked at a naturopathic doctor, suggested I try liquid chlorophyll (the green stuff in plants)for heartburn and nausea when I was pregnant. From "Liquid chlorophyll aids and improves the digestive system and cleansing toxins in the digestive tract. It is also high in calcium and iron so that can also aid general health. The majority of brands are flavored with peppermint oil which is also in itself a tummy settler." I plan to try this before other methods next time I am pregnant. Also, I bought some real peppermint extract from Whole Foods and would keep it near me. Anytime I would feel nauseous, I would open the bottle and sniff it for a while and it often helped!

  3. Hey Richelle… thanks for the reference. Burnsville is quite a treck from where I work in Crystal, but if I can't find anyone closer- I will give her a call!Karl.. I know you secretly want to steal that name. Please do so.Rachel- thanks! I haven't heard of this yet. I bought some today and am drinking it right now. Unfortunately the kind I found doesn't smell like peppermint. I'll let you know how it works!

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