Ruled-out one chiropractor

My first visit to the chiropractor was…well…interesting. He cranked my neck around and the ratchet sound was horrendous. I know this is normal- but I’m inexperienced. He also adjusted my upper back because he said the first vertebra contributes to nausea… he even drew a picture of why- but I don’t know what he was talking about. After he was done, my stomach did actually feel better- but my already bad headache became worse… and I got dizzy and light headed. His explanation for the light headedness was that it was there was a vessel in my neck (vena cava) that was like a kinked garden hose that his adjustment opened up- blasting blood into my head. My face even got flushed and red as my head felt like I was going to pass out or have a head explosion. However, today I felt okay. Not good, but much better than I have felt for a while. Maybe I do have a kinked hose in my neck.

The weird part was he kept excessively praising me for being so relaxed and saying he was so proud of me. He also said I was his “Favorite, number one patient.” Then he said- “It’s unbelievable how relaxed you were when I adjusted your neck- you must have a husband who beats you everyday!” Followed by loud laughter. Then, “Naw, you don’t seem like the kind who would let that happen.” WHAT ??? 1st of all, it doesn’t make sense, second of all- who jokes with strangers about domestic violence? 3rd of all- if I was the victim of domestic violence it would not be my fault for “letting it happen.” Of all the chiropractors in the city, I found this guy! I couldn’t even respond. I can forgive him for such a bad joke, but I don’t think I’ll return…even though he wants to see me again tomorrow. My friend referred me to a different chiropractor who specializes in prenatal chiropractic care and acupuncture- so I’ll give that a try. Let’s hope she doesn’t try to joke with me about child slavery or something.

On an unrelated note- I think pickle companies should market to pregnant women. It wouldn’t be hard. I bought a jar the other day because they were called baby dills. I almost went for the kosher dills, but then I realized that the baby probably needs baby dills. And I was right.

3 thoughts on “Ruled-out one chiropractor

  1. I suggest NOT eating the entire jar in one sitting. I did that when I was pregnant and afterward I felt very sick. I also felt like crying as I started imagining my baby swimming around in salt water and apologized to him, swearing that I would never do it again.

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