Happy Hallelujah Night

I know what you’re thinking. Most are thinking, “What the…?” but a select few of you… who grew up like me, are thinking “NOOO… don’t tell them about Hallelujah night!” It’s an embarrassing little secret that many of us Hallelujah-ers have worked hard to keep a secret.

Some evangelical christian families, mostly in the late 80s and early 90s were concerned about the “dark nature” of Halloween. They worried that if they allowed their children to participate in trick-or-treating, or costume parades at school, they might wander off and find themselves communing with the dead or practicing witchcraft. Or maybe they’d get sucked down the sewer drain by a ghoul. Some churches offered an alternative to Halloween, called Hallelujah Night, in which kids could be safe from all of the hexes flying around out there. Growing up in Iowa, I hardly knew anyone who wasn’t allowed to celebrate Halloween… but as an adult in Minnesota I have met many Hallelujah-ers in hiding. Most of the time, they’re the one’s at the parties who don’t wear a costume and just say, “I’ve never really gotten into Halloween.” The truth is, they don’t know how or where to buy costumes, and they feel too silly to wear one, because they never got used to wearing one as a kid. Also there’s a deep subconscious loyalty to their parents, who taught them to “walk in the light”…away from smurfs, carebears and costumes.

Truth be told, it was kind of fun to get to go to the school library during the class Halloween festivities. My big sister was there along with kids from one other family, and we played checkers and ate candy. I mean, a little embarrassing…and very hard to explain to my friends, but kind of fun. All this to say, yesterday was a big night me. I finally broke through my Hallelujah night-psychological baggage and wore a homemade costume to a party! I wanted to incorporate my growing belly into the outfit, and also pay tribute to the childhood costumes I never got to wear! Without further ado, here’s the picture:

(The blue honey was an oversight- forgive me, I’m new at this). I could not look at Grant the whole night without laughing. He was standing there with his drink, trying to look like a grown-up amidst all of the other men in masculine costumes…but wearing a bright orange Tigger outfit.

Despite that I was at a real Halloween Party, I felt like singing Hallelujah because I went to another chiropractor appointment right before the party…and… I am feeling better by leaps and bounds. I was as skeptical as they come about chiropractics for nausea….but HALLELUJAH- IT WORKS!!!! There’s no way I could have attended a party (in the upright position) 1 week ago! Despite my attempted rebellion, my baby’s first Halloween Party, was actually a Hallelujah Party!!! 20 weeks of misery…and finally- thank the Lord -I don’t feel like I have the stomach flu!!!!

6 thoughts on “Happy Hallelujah Night

  1. I'm so happy that you're feeling better! Maybe I will try chiropractic if and when I have to deal with all that sickness again. Mine lasted around 17 weeks last time, if I recall. Love the photos! Although I have attended "Hallelujah Nights" in the past, we were part of the hushed rebellious at our church who also went trick or treating. We just weren't allowed to dress as anything evil or scary. ; )

  2. love this! it's amazing that our time playing checkers in the library didn't affect us more negatively – i also kind of enjoyed it. no one really asked about it, though, and i suppose i would have had a hard time explaining why i wasn't allowed to parade around the halls in a costume with the rest of my class…

  3. Hey Bethany… what does your last name start with? I know 5 Bethanys and I'm trying to figure out which one you might be :)I bet Harvest Festival was more cool than Hallelujah night. Can't be certain though!

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