I like to paint- but I don’t actually paint that often. I get frustrated about the vast difference between the image in my head and the image on canvas. Because of this frustration, I have made a hobby of thinking of ideas for paintings and that’s all. I don’t actually paint them…I just think about what they would look like. I don’t mean to brag, but my imaginary paintings are pretty amazing.

So, back when I was in my first trimester. I was imagining a series of three paintings that would represent the three trimesters of pregnancy. The first one would be impressionistic and have a girl lying in child’s pose (a yoga position) on a tile floor looking rather decrepit/defeated. There would be a lot of swirling, nauseating brush strokes. Most of the colors would be dismal and flat but some hopeful and lively colors would be swimming around too.

I thought, from what I’d read/heard about pregnancy, that the second painting could be a picture of the same girl dancing, or leaping or twirling or something. The second one would have lots of vivid oranges and purples. I was going to wait to imagine the third painting until I reached the third trimester.

Well, the good thing is, I may have imagined the 2nd trimester a little more whimsical than it is actually turning out to be…but at least I didn’t waste any paint on it.

My chiropractic miracle was short lived and I have been feeling awful all week. This morning my only goal was to make it to work on time for once this week. I even set my alarm extra early so I could make sure to be there even if the first few rounds of breakfast didn’t stick. Unfortunately, I had a very realistic dream this morning that I was at Burger King and my calculator was beeping really loud. I destroyed the calculator and stabbed the insides with a plastic fork but it kept beeping. I was getting a headache from it so I threw it in a big dumpster and drove away…but when the beeping followed me I realized something was not right. That’s when I woke up and realized that my alarm had been beeping for a whole hour. Oops.

My head is still killing me. Today, I’m re-imagining a 2nd painting with a lot of brownish-olive-marmalade hues. The third one though, is a really nice magenta color. Here’s to hoping I’m right this time!

I’ve been starting to feel the baby kick and punch a lot lately which is pretty awesome. That’s my girl 🙂

2 thoughts on “"Paintings"

  1. Oh!! Kicking and moving.. *sigh*.. that's when it starts getting fun, even in the midst of the grossness. = D I love your painting ideas. I think you should paint them even if they don't turn out perfect. I actually had a vision of a drawing in my head many years ago. I asked a girl I knew who was a great artist if she would draw it for me. She said that I should draw it myself since God had given me the picture. So, I gave it a go, and though it wasn't perfect, I felt like it was just as it was supposed to be. For whatever that's worth. = )

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