Today was the first day I had a stranger ask me if I am expecting- and it happened twice today! That must mean I’m really starting to show. I, for one, don’t ask people this question unless they appear to be at least 9 months pregnant, ask me for a ride to the hospital and mention anything about contractions, pickles, or the nearest bathroom. Then I might ask them if they are pregnant. There are just too many other things that look like pregnancy for me to jump to that conclusion. For an example, what if they are the old woman in the song who swallowed a fly and all of those other things to catch the other things? But anyway, it was nice of the strangers to notice and one even let me go to the front of the line in the bathroom- so I’m not complaining. The other one gave me her card- as she is certified Doula (whatever that means).

Today, I should be feeling great. I executed a triple-phasic-attack on my nausea. Phase one- first visit with new chiropractor (much better), phase two first time recieveing acupuncture (what a strange feeling!), phase three: first community ed. class -couples massage. Yep, should be feeling great… any moment now… please stand by.

4 thoughts on “Firsts

  1. a certified doula is basically a birth coach. she is there during labor and delivery to help sooth you and mostly (if you're doing it naturally) to help grant become your birthing coach. she would help him get more involved by teaching him or guiding him in different relaxation techniques.

  2. I haven't heard of anyone who's regretted having a doula. I didn't have one, but my mom, little sister and husband were there. Along with a detailed birthing plan, it ended up being perfect. = )

  3. I debated and debated about a doula and Jesse and I both wish we would have had one. We had a mid-wife (4 actually over the course of my labor as well as an entire OB team and 3 anesthesiologists – but I digress) but there were several women giving birth at the same time and she ended up not being as present during the labor portion as I thought she would be. Besides- the mid-wife is mostly focused on the delivery of the baby (everything going on with you below the waist) and the doula is there to be your advocate and helper (everything going on with you from the waist up). As Amy mentioned they can also be really helpful for the husband.As for comments from strangers…after swimming at the Y one day I was getting dressed (super fun being wet, super pregnant, and trying to get clothes on) and this woman came over and started talking to me while I literally naked and trying to change that situation. After the two typical opening questions (due date & gender) she launched into all of her ideas about kids and TV before asking what my plans were for circumcision. She literally stayed by my side while I finished getting dressed and then walked out into the hallway with me to finish giving me all her opinions on the matter. Yikes!

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