The Weight of it All

I’m expanding.

I have a short torso so my rib feels like it’s about to burst or crack.

Also, I think my finger might be pregnant with baby fingy. My wedding ring no longer fits.

Grant’s getting heavy too… heavy eye lids that is… maybe from taking care of his sick wife all the time. You can make it Grant… we’re almost there!

I’m feeling quite a bit better for the past few days!! Last post I said I didn’t think the acupuncture was working… but I take it back. It was just a delayed reaction. Lately people have asked me if I am getting uncomfortable now that my baby is getting bigger. It is kind of a funny question to me because I’ve been so horribly sick that “uncomfortable” is quite welcome. I would take the uncomfortable (I ate too much-rib ache-stretching- out of breath) feeling over the sick (nauseous-vomiting-dizzy-migraine-can’t get out of bed) feeling any day. Also, for the record it’s NOT just in the morning- not even close.

The baby is heavy on our minds too. I am wondering what her personality will be like. Will she be conscientious and neat like her dad? Or will her head be in the clouds like her mom? How will she pronounce “Ziggy” and will she be brave enough to try new foods? I will be sure to teach her my life motto: Never be afraid of a bad taste. Will she be the type to color on the walls or will she be more of a “carry a cute bag with a notebook and matching pens just in case I get the urge to color” type of girl? Just so many weighty issues to wonder about while I continue to wait and gain more weight.

Also, Grant and I changed our minds on our favorite name… and this one we love!! Despite the fact that this is the third time we’ve changed our minds- I think it is a keeper.

5 thoughts on “The Weight of it All

  1. It will be fun to see what she is like!!! She will sure be lovable and I bet a great mix of her mom and her dad! I am so glad you are feeling better! Praise God:) Every night at dinner Owen has all of us hold hands, he tells us who starts the prayer first, then he says we can all join in. The we sing Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen. And then he raises his hands in the air and says very loudly, HAVE FAITH!!! None of us know where he learned that last part, but it is sure a blessing! I am excited for the day that Owen gets to meet his second cousin 🙂 Love ya Becs!

  2. Yes Beccy Joy — I'm wondering what our new little grand daughter will be like too. Will she turn the spoon upside-down with every bite of food to better savor the taste? Will she walk off the sidewalk into every puddle, mud hole, snow pile, ice patch with her new white shoes? Will she touch everything in the store? Will she get lost in the backyard? Will she make up unusual words and use them for years and years? Will she buy an electric typewriter with her own money and write 20 page stories in 2nd grade? Will she do back flips off the picnic table into the wading pool? Will she jump for hours, days, years on her own trampoline? Will she light up a room with her personality and sense of humor? Will she bring joy to everyone she knows? The answer to the last question is a definite "yes"!!!! Dad

  3. thanks for the pictures! and i never knew your life motto about not being afraid of a bad taste. i could really benefit from a motto like that! :)i'm definitely looking forward to meeting her too and i'm glad you're feeling a little you!rachel

  4. Thanks for the comments fam, and rachel w.Dad, I forgot about the spoon trick- thanks for reminding me…it does help the taste. Also, eating toast upside down is something everyone should try- so the jam (or whatever) hits the taste buds first.

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