Happy Hundreds Day!

100 more days till my due date!

In elementary school we always celebrated the hundredth day of school. We each brought 100 of something to school. I think I brought 100 black eyed peas (yeah- I know, odd choice). It really didn’t look like that many peas. Just image, a small handful of dried black eyed peas in the bottom of a Ziploc sandwich bag… got it?, now, imagine… that’s how many days I have left till my due date! What could be easier? Just 100 little days, each the size of a black eyed pea.

I also remember I threw up on Hundreds Day one year because we celebrated too hard. We had 100-piece-trail mix for snack composed of 20 peanuts, 20 mini marshmallows, 20chocolate chips, 20 Cheerios, 20 raisins (or something like that). All for the sake of learning. I learned that 100 pieces was too many for me at age seven. Now, twenty years later, I think I can stomach 100 days. At least I hope I can.

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