Girraffes & Raccoons are Friends

I’m struggling to write this because I don’t want it to sound like a rant. I’ve deleted the first paragraph numerous times. We just registered for baby stuff and you know how I love shopping/commercialism/ full size beds for newborns/ pink bows/ spending copious amounts of money/ manipulative-guilt-trip-marketing-campaigns (ex: buy this unless you don’t care about the safety of your child). But I regress… I’m exhausted and achy all over- but at least it’s over.

We did make one purchase that I’m excited about! Grant and I like this local artist named Westy Copeland. Her art is rather inexpensive and we’ve even framed a number of her greeting cards…which are just mini replicas of her bigger paintings. We came across her whimsical paintings at Art-a-Whirl a couple years ago. Grant follows her blog and found out she had a show/sale in the area tonight so we went there and bought a painting for the baby’s room of a dog that looks exactly like our dog, Ziggy. The Ziggy-dog is painted over a grid of other small images like a fisherman, a unicorn, a bearded man on a bench, a dalmatian, and the like. It’s very colorful and random! I think our baby is going to love it!

I told Grant how some people have a theme for their baby’s room… such as… I don’t know- pink bows or automobiles or something. He decided that our theme should be giraffes and raccoons- together. They have to be together though- not sold separately. So if you see any such items (sheets, posters, towels, toys, wallpaper borders) please let us know immediately.

Speaking of the baby’s room- about 3 times a week I get asked if we have our baby room all set up. If by set up you mean full of an assortment of musical instruments- a bunch of clothes that don’t fit me anymore, pillow stuffing on the floor, a lamp balancing tenuously on the bed, and containing no baby items- then yes, our baby room is all set up.

I think there is a schedule that dictates when people should ask a pregnant person certain questions. For a few weeks everyone was asking me if I was planning on returning to work after giving birth. After that, I had a week or so of people asking me if I knew if it was a boy or girl and if that’s what I was hoping for. Now I’m getting the question about the baby’s room. The other question that has started recently and has been getting under my skin a bit (not to rant… just saying calmly) is “Are you due very soon?” or “Are you getting excited now that you’re obviously very close to having the baby?” Then when I tell them I’m not due until March, they seem very uncertain if I know when my due date is or not. They scrunch up their eyebrows and say “March??? Not until March?”

Nope… not until March. Still plenty of time to fill up that baby room with giraffes and raccoons and lovely random paintings!

7 thoughts on “Girraffes & Raccoons are Friends

  1. ahaha. we didn't "set up" saela's room after i had her. i sent brett home that night to sleep and he put up her pack-n-play (which yes, was each of our girls "crib" until they could fit in a toddler bed) and her clothes in the tupperware dresser in the closet. 🙂 any decorative elements came later. i love reading your thoughts and feelings and knowing just what you're talking about.

  2. I started getting the "are you due soon"/ "you look ready to pop" comments in August. I was due in November. The follow-up I disliked the most was "are you having twins? no? are you sure?" None of this compares to when people start telling you how to get labor started. I couldn't talk to anyone besides my mom and Jesse in my last four days of pregnancy because I would have started hurting people.

  3. Wow its EXTREMLY comforting to know other people get the same comments I did for many months, "Are you do soon" "Are you having twins" some days I cried I was so tired of hearing it. Don't people have any common sense to watch what they say to a pregnant women? I can't wiat for it to all start again. My baby is due in May Im sure soon the questions will start as I already look like Im hiding a ball under my shirt….

  4. Oh my gosh I could not have said it better myself! Registering made me extremely uncomfortable and weirded out. My mom just kept pointing the gun at things and telling me I HAD to register for more things (on my first walk-through I'd made a total of 10 things). Blurg. And the room question, oy! I'm not a "theme" person anyway, and our room is literally piles of books and storage right now. I have to trust that the baby will forgive us, eventually. The rest of the world, I'm not sure. The fact that I don't have a matching crib/sheet/curtains seems to be a slap in the face to this unborn child!

  5. Let me rephrase that so it's not so snotty… I think it's incredibly wonderful that people are so generous to want to bless us so much, I just get overwhlemed at the thought that I NEED all of these things! There, now I feel better 🙂

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