3rd Trimester!

I made it to the third trimester! I have been feeling quite a bit better lately, although not entirely nausea free. You’ll never believe- I actually started working out. I have not felt good enough for many months to exercise, but I called upon all of my inner strength (and outer strength) and ordered a prenatal workout DVD online. Once it arrived, I set it in plain site for a few days while I once again summoned every bit of courage, motivation, inspiration I could muster. When finally I rallied enough energy to put the DVD in the player and press play I wasn’t sure if I’d survive the warm-up. I felt just about as invigorated when I finished that work-out as I felt when I ran a marathon and when I finished graduate school combined. I smiled like a weirdo for the next several hours as the endorphins flooded my brain.

Since that day, I’ve repeated the same workout almost everyday. I even did it this morning before work (which isn’t really that impressive considering that I don’t start on Mondays until 10:30)! So that’s my newest and best accomplishment. I’m thinking my third trimester might be my favorite so far. I have to make small goals so that I don’t get too overwhelmed- so my pre-new year’s resolution is to work-out everyday until New Years Day. What is that, 4 days or something? After that, I’ll set another baby goal. My motto can be “baby goal to baby goal to baby girl.” Okay…maybe not…don’t tell anyone I said that.

A tinge of panic is setting in as I prepare at work for maternity leave. As it turns out, missing all of those days this summer and fall due to feeling so horrid has consequences (the work didn’t go away). I’m trying to dig myself out of the hole I got into while also keeping up with my current workload. All the things I’m reading say that pregnant woman should not get too stressed out for the sake of their babies. Trying not to feel stressed is the most stressful part. I’m trying to follow the advice of my work-out DVD, “just breathe and drink water.” As long as I do that much, I think I’ll be okay.

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