I called my insurance company today to see if they covered doula services. My conversation went like this:

Me: Does my insurance plan cover a doula?
Insurance Rep: What is the cause?
Me: Uh… pregnancy, err.. birth
Rep: So, is that spelled a-d-u-l-a
Me: No, d-o-u-l-a
Rep: Is it a delivery?
Me: No, it’s a person, who coaches you through childbirth
Rep: please hold
Rep: No, we don’t cover adulas. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Does anyone know where and how I could find a doula? There are tons of names and info listed on tons of websites- but how does one choose? By location? availability? poetic-ness of their name? I feel very confused about all of this. My clinic has only confused me more about these matters.

Please help!

4 thoughts on “Adula

  1. Beccy- The women at Everyday Miracles, down the hall from Mercy in the Waterbury building, are amazing and if you told them you went to Mercy I'm sure they would help you. Another great place to start would be Blooma. It's a yoga studio that focuses on pre- and post-natal yoga. Jesse and I took our birthing class there and they are a hub for doula's in the twin cities. If you deliver at HCMC they will provide a doula for you but you wouldn't get to know them in advance.

  2. yeah! i have a friend from college that works at everyday miracles…i haven't "seen her in action" but i'm SURE she's an AMAZING doula. i have mutual friends that have "used" her and have ranted and raved about her. her name is Hope.

  3. I would just call Everyday Miracles and see what they have to say. Our doula is from there and we've been so impressed so far. I know she wants to meet with us 5 or 6 times before the birth, so even meeting the beginning of December put us in a crunch. You definitely wouldn't HAVE to meet that many times, though. Good luck! We obviously haven't done it any other way, but having the doula has been absolutely amazing. And Ray even more than me has really loved having her. It takes a lot of the pressure off him I think, konwing that there will be someone there to help coach him coach me πŸ™‚

  4. This is sooo helpful guys. Thank you- thank you! I didn't know Everyday Miracles had such a good reputation… We will definently check them out! I agree Angie- Grant's the one who wants a doula the most, to help him thru it πŸ™‚

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