a random update.

Frugality + perfectionism + indecisiveness + ignorance + over 200 options is NOT equal to a fast/fun experience picking out a car seat.

There are the regular infant seats, and seats that convert to toddler seats and/or booster seats, and some that are part of a “travel system” and some that just snap into “most strollers”, and even some that have magical powers.

So we finally picked one (to register for). I had to convince Grant that we didn’t need a convertible seat that lasted till our kid weighs 100 lbs. He thought it would be better to be safe than sorry, but I told him if we made our 100-pound-6th-or-7th-grader sit in a car seat we would have more problems to worry about than safety. Now that we have a car seat and a name picked out… I think we’re ready! Now I can spend the next nine weeks relaxing and waiting expectantly. Right?

On an unrelated note…Yesterday I slogged through my prenatal workout. I had to pause it so I could catch my breath before the tricep dips (which are the hardest part of the video in my opinion). I almost fell asleep while “catching my breath” but somehow I got up and finished. I’m still not sure how that happened. I did the workout 5 days out of the last 8 days. On one hand- it helps keep my water retention/swelling problem at bay and it usually energizes and refreshes me, but like many other things, there’s a lot of resistance: like it seems too hard, and I feel too tired, too sick, and too gigantic… and the couch is so soft. I guess that’s just how it goes when you’re trying to do something that’s harder than sitting.

On another unrelated note: the baby is kicking me a lot. Sometimes so hard that it startles me and I jump. When I watch a my belly, it makes me think of a cat in a bag (not that I’ve ever seen a cat in a bag). I was starting to wonder if it’s possible that she’s having seizures in there or something… but I got an email update from Baby Center that said, “If your baby is kicking you a lot, and keeping you awake at night, take comfort- it means she is growing and developing correctly.” (or something like that…that’s not an exact quote). So I’m “taking comfort” that there is a 3.3 pound/ 16 inch martial artist developing (correctly) inside of me.

And, on a final unrelated note: In a couple of days, Grant and I get to visit the hospital where our baby will be born. We’re looking forward to the tour!

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