A Cold Abode

I knew something wasn’t right when I came home from work yesterday. I came in from the cold to find it…cold (inside). I was wondering if the chills were a sign of preterm labor or something because Grant seemed fine, peacefully reading on the couch. I cranked the thermostat, made some hot tea and kept my coat on. Grant said he didn’t want any tea… he’d take some water from the fridge?!?!? The ice cold toilet seat was my first clue that it wasn’t just me… our 27 year old furnace had indeed puffed it’s last puff. This was confirmed by the furnace guy who braved the cold to come to our house. Today we’re keeping the water running to prevent the pipes from freezing (a little trick from my dad who grew up in the “great white north”) and we’re running lots of (borrowed) electric heaters throughout the house. Not very “green” of us, I know. We’ll get a new furnace come Monday or Tuesday.

Well, baby whose name is a secret, these things happen. As your dad sings, “the weather it will do what it will do.” It’s good to have friends who will offer their warm guest rooms and space heaters at times like this. It’s also good to save money every month to cover these inevitable and expensive inconveniences. We’re very thankful that we did. And you can always make muffins to warm the kitchen up (but they won’t actually taste that good if you don’t take them out of the oven on time because you are too cold to get out out of your blanket). Let this be your first lesson in how to stay warm post-womb: have great friends, save for emergencies and make muffins.

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