It’s official… I’m huge.

There are only a few things for which I use the phrase “big ol’ ” For an example, the bill for our new furnace was definitely a big ol’ bill. Also, the snow bank by our driveway and the mess in the soon-to-be nursery are deserving of the title. And now… my belly has joined the ranks of the big ol’s.

Whoa mama! That’s a big ol’ belly! Grant keeps taking pictures of me for some reason. I think he’s amused that my clothes keep shrinking. Yikes, that black cardigan looks miniature… and it used to be slightly too big on me!

I keep forgetting that I am gigantic. I pull my chair in just a little further to get a closer look at the computer… and bump… I remember. Last night, we met a potential doula at a coffee shop for the first time. At first I wondered how she would know who we were when she came in- but somehow, she had no problem finding me. Amazing!

The doula we met was great. She had a calm confidence about her that made me feel calm and confident about the whole birthing experience. She recommended we interview a couple other doulas to make sure we find one that is a good fit, but… I don’t know, I just kind of want to skip that step- I liked her. Grant liked her a lot too, but he likes to be thorough- so we might end up meeting with some other potentials. Click here if you want to check out her website.

If you’re wondering what exactly a doula is, it is someone trained to help you through the whole birthing process. A midwife or OB might have several other laboring women to attend to, and they are there to actually deliver your baby, but a doula is there during the whole labor- and will even meet you at home before you go to the hospital if you want. This particular doula seemed to know of many comfort/coping measures from massage to aroma therapy to breathing techniques that can help with the pain. She also said she would work to involve and relieve Grant throughout the process (for which he is very grateful).

At this point, I don’t really feel scared or nervous about the actual birth. Especially with so much support! I am more excited for the challenge and the end result. After this pregnancy… pain/discomfort? Pasha – bring it! What scares me most is the unpredictability of birth. I keep having daymares that my water will break and/ or the baby will come out when I am meeting with a client in their home… or that I will have the baby in the bathroom at Walgreens in Brooklyn Park (that is one DIRTY bathroom- blehc). In general, I believe it is good to voice and explore my fears… but in this case- maybe I’ll just ignore them and change the subject quickly.

Tomorrow, our lovely friends are throwing Grant and I a big ol’ party to welcome and celebrate the baby. I heard there will be cupcakes… let’s hope this is not just a rumor 🙂

2 thoughts on “It’s official… I’m huge.

  1. I was in Menards one day near the end of my pregnancy and I found myself making plans for what I would do if my water broke and I went into labor. I was near the 5-gallon buckets and I thought that would be helpful. I was also glad they have the huge escalator ramp instead of stairs. Then I was trying to decide where I would sit if I had to wait for Jesse to come – maybe in one of the tub displays?

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