Getting Prepared

Most evenings lately I’ve been trying to make time to light my vanilla cupcake candle, turn off other lights, turn on some relaxing instrumental music, and take a warm, soothing bubble bath. Even if I don’t get to it until late in the night, it is still such a relieving thing to do for my swollen achy body. It helps me sleep more soundly too! If I knew of a word that meant the same thing as a deep satisfying sigh- I would use that word to describe my baths.

Miraculously, stuff at work is pretty much in order and I no longer feel I’m frantically trying to catch up. We met with our doula again this week and talked about/practiced laboring positions, comfort measures, and discussed our plans and hopes for after we take our little bunting home. Many of the things she brought up, I hadn’t thought about, so it was fun and helpful. I’ve decided to set a last day of work instead of working until the moment I go into labor. My last day will be one week from tomorrow (unless,  the baby comes sooner of course). On one hand, I’d be very happy to have the baby early (like why not tonight?), but on the other hand, it might be nice to have a little time off work before she comes to prepare things around here a bit… a little “nesting” if you will… or sleeping (we’ll see). They will likely be the last days I’ll ever have as a non-mom.

It’s somewhat embarrassing to admit, that I have already written my birth story in great detail. Embarrassing because… I haven’t given birth yet- and who does such a thing anyway? But I was home sick a few weeks ago and I thought I would just write about it, as a strategy for preparing myself for each part of labor and deliver. Like a mental rehearsal- of the unknown. Anyway, in my pretend birth story, I get hungry for a raspberry-yogurt parfait right before I go to the hospital. This part, I think has a high potential of actually happening- so we better get those ingredients in the house pronto, just in case. It’s on my list.

Today my house mate’s sister had a baby- so I know that it does happen. Hooray! Babies do come out of pregnant women. This will be my mantra to get me through the next ?? days.

2 thoughts on “Getting Prepared

  1. That is hilarious that you wrote out your birth story, and a great idea! Visualizing yourself doing something will make you more confident when the time comes. While I was pregnant with Ari, I dreamed about breastfeeding him successfully. When it came to him being born, I had no fear that I would be able to pull it off because I'd already "done it". = D

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