I made it to my "due date range"

They say you should consider your estimated due date as a range beginning two weeks before your due date and going until two weeks after your due date. I am now officially in that range- and feeling pretty glad about that! Especially considering how hard everything has been getting.

My doula asked me if I had any physical limitations. My answers were asthma and pregnancy. She laughed because she obviously doesn’t see pregnancy as a limitation. I wanted to tell her to put a watermelon in her lap and try tying her shoe… I’m not sure how people do it (tie their shoes at 9 months pregnant). The only shoes I can really fit on my swollen feet right now have laces, so I guess I’ll have to wake up extra early to try to figure something out.

I’ve come to the point now that if I drop a pen on the floor… I just get another pen. At work by my desk there is a little pile of pens, paperclips, and other things I’ve dropped in the past few weeks. I’ll pick them up- some day…. when it doesn’t involving squishing a baby. As lame as it is, I’m actually skipping a party right now because I didn’t want to change out of my sweat pants! They’re actually Grant’s sweat pants. Hopefully these are all signs that the baby is coming soon… because I’m not sure how much longer I want to walk around in giant sweat pants, with my shoes untied and pens all over the floor (sounds hazardous).

I called my mom today from the grocery store to ask her the ingredients for a recipe. She answered the phone, “Is it time?” … um- yes, it’s finally time to make this hot dish I’ve been craving for the last few weeks. Unfortunately, it’s not time yet for the other thing that we’re anticipating. Although, I am feeling much more prepared after this weekend. Grant and I accomplished some major house cleaning: rearranging, organizing, sorting, washing, dusting, vacuuming, and the like. So now when people ask me if the baby room is all set up (which happens at least daily)… I will finally be able to yes!

5 more days of work (at the most) until I begin my maternity leave! I can’t begin to explain how exciting this is. The question is… can I make it five more days?

One thought on “I made it to my "due date range"

  1. So excited for you! Congrats on making it! Drew and I accomplished some very major tasks (setting up the crib, fixing plumbing, etc) and a couple hours later my water broke. Drew was like, "Hey, I was NESTING!" = D As excited as you are, try to stay as relaxed and stress-free as possible- a relaxed body will go into labor (and be more effective during labor) more easily. = ) Woo hoo for you!!!

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