I hate colds.

The questions of week 38-39 are: When’s your due date? Are you ready? Are you excited? I get asked each of these questions about 6 times a day… so for the record: March 19th, I think so, and yes.

I didn’t get these questions today however because I stayed home from work with a sore throat and head cold. Ick.  I have been trying to tough it out all week- since this is my last week of work and all, but I just couldn’t make it in today. I figured I better rest up and get to feeling better… I wouldn’t want go through labor and delivery feeling like this. And rest up I did… I slept till noon, then laid on the couch for most of the rest of the day. I’m not good at relaxing- I feel bad about what I’m missing- but I guess I need to get ready for a different pace of life soon. One more day of work tomorrow!

A week ago, I was feeling what felt like they could be labor pains/cramps/contractions/stomach aches… whatever- quite regularly. Nothing I could time- (try timing a stomach ache), it was more constant. However, this week I’m not feeling much like that. I think that now that I am almost 39 weeks pregnant, I’m finally reaching my stride. I’m feeling pretty pain free in the belly region- which makes me think the baby is finally getting comfortable and settling in. Just great! But then again, I’ve never had a baby before, so I don’t know how it works… maybe, it (labor) will strike suddenly.

On Monday, I had a checkup and learned that they baby’s head has dropped and is “engaged”… the midwife said she actually touched the baby’s head!?! I am also 1 cm dilated (out of 10), and 70% effaced (thinned). So there has been some progress towards this approaching birthday celebration. Get your party hats ready!

2 thoughts on “I hate colds.

  1. Dear Beccy,Sorry to hear about the cold, hopefully you rested it out of your system. But if there's anything that will take your mind of that…it's having a baby! We are holding you up in prayer through these last days. Stay strong…we are in your cheering section!Mary ( Grandma…teehee…love that)

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