Just Resting

4 days till my due date, and ironically, I’m feeling great! Ironic, because I haven’t felt well since last June, and usually this is the point in pregnancy when discomfort is welcome (because it means the baby is coming soon). I’m not complaining though. Yesterday and today, I got ample sleep, enjoyed the sunshine, read, stayed hydrated, and even did a little shopping. While I would really like to meet this little girl face to face, I am very grateful for this chance to dial down and rejuvinate. It feels like it’s been years (or never) since the only item on my to-do list was to relax.

Last night Grant and I went to a parent topic meeting hosted by the Childbirth Collective. The topic was “The Natural Rythmn of Labor.” The speaker did some draumatizations of what each stage of natural labor looks/sounds like (the breathing, body positions, the moaning, the crying, the mood changes)… and wow- she was good. I’ve seen it in the videos, but it was a different experience in person. Despite being slightly terrifying, it was helpful for us to see and talk about what to expect, what will be helpful for Grant to do (or not do) in various stages, etc.  All in all, I feel confident that it will be an incredibly intense, painful, exhausting and difficult experience, but I expect that it will also be an incredibly rewarding, exhilerating, empowering, bonding and uplifting experience. Anyway that’s my hope.

Time to go… hmm, I don’t know, trim my fingernails? Watch a movie? Go for a walk? Prenatal Yoga? Work on Grant’s birthday present (his b-day is Friday by the way!)? Pet the dog? Lunch maybe?

2 thoughts on “Just Resting

  1. Sleep, sunshine, reading, hydration, and a little shopping might be a good recipe for whatever ails ya'. But while you're trimming your nails, she's perfecting hers, and her eye lashes… and all the finishing touches God has in her make-up. Enjoy your time to relax, you deserve it. It's wonderful to hear you feel "great!"Grandma Mary

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