Welcome Adelaide!

So, let’s just say the pineapples worked.  I was admitted to the hospital at 10:30pm on Sunday night and had her in my arms by 11:20 on Sunday night! Less than one hour in the hospital! No longer will I say the words, “a little fresh fruit never hurt anyone.” 🙂  I will tell the story of her birth later… but I just wanted to shout it out! We are so happy and amazed at such a beautiful gift!

Adelaide Leone Adams
7 lbs,14 oz
Cute as can be

4 thoughts on “Welcome Adelaide!

  1. Oh my goodness. I can't believe we all (Angie, Beccy, and Shaina) had our kids on the same day! Shaina went two weeks early, so we had our boy, Arie Robert Stavem at 2:19pm that same day. Congratulations! So you had your baby is less than an hour at the hospital? That's incredible. Excited to see pictures. I hope you and baby (and Grant) are well.

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