This week with my 2 month old.

Sunday: 10am- Put cumin on my oatmeal (instead of cinnamon). Then I wondered what smelled so bad. Then I wondered what tasted so bad.

Monday, 4am- I woke up to a screaming baby. Picked her up and realized her blanket somehow was wrapped over her head… I unwrapped her to find, it wasn’t her head, it was her feet! I was holding her upside down. And the odd thing is, she seemed to like it.

Tuesday, 1pm-
me: “I can’t figure out why I feel so tired and weak. My head hurts.”
roommate: “what’d you have for breakfast?”
me: oh.  I guess I forgot to eat.

Wednesday (today), 8am- I woke up to screaming baby. I just fed her and changed her less than an hour ago, and I was too tired to get up again, so I prayed she’d just “cry it off” and go back to sleep. That didn’t happen, so I got up and realized that I had put a reusable diaper cover on her- but not the absorbant insert- so it was just the outer shell of the diaper. She was laying in a wet pajamas in the middle of a big wet spot in the crib.

I wonder what tomorrow might bring.

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