The First Year in Review

Life is full and good. Just over a year ago I was stuffing my self with fresh pineapples hoping to end the misery that was my pregnancy and more importantly meet my little girl. What a year it has been. It’s hard to put into words what this year has been like, so different from any other in my life. I tried to post once a month during this first year, but didn’t quite make it so here are a few things I remember from each month of this past year:

Month 1: The first month felt surreal. I was so, so tired and amazed. Everyone said, “Look at that hair” and asked if we were getting much sleep. No, no we weren’t.
Month 2: All I can remember is nursing, rocking, reading, watching tv, staring into her face and praying. My broken tail bone from the birth really hurt. We (I mean she) would cry and scream all night. Everyone said, “Look at those eyes” and asked if she was an easy baby. No, no babies aren’t easy.
This photo shows the 3 step process that both baby and I repeated every few hours.
Month 3: Emerged from the house pale and bleary. Squinted at the sun  and decided I couldn’t go back to work. I was too tired and emotionally drained for that. I put our little bundle in the stroller and started walking. Adelaide’s laughs, facial expressions, and hints at knowing and remembering us melted our hearts and we knew it was worth it.
Month 4: We went on some long road trips. I remember feeling trapped in the car with the baby’s screams bouncing off windows and having a headache. There were many stops to nurse, change, walk, replace pacifier or just hold. I frantically read lots and lots of books about how to get your baby to sleep better and stop crying.  Her eyes got bigger, and more sparkly and her laugh was the most beautiful thing we’d ever heard. It tickled our souls.
Month 5: Finally my energy returned and my tail bone mostly healed. Adelaide became such a little flirt. Dazzling everyone with her long lashes and waving at them with this elaborate flamenco dancer wave. She’d see a homeless looking man on a walk and do her little beauty pageant wave and call out to him in her own language. She got to meet her brand new cousin in the hospital this month. She patted her on the head as if it say, “It’ll get better, trust me.”The wisdom of a 5 month old.
Month 6: By this time she was sitting like a little bobble head doll, and rolling like a pro. She liked being carried and loathed tummy time. She slept through the night a few times this month- besides a few difficult weeks of teething, and recovering from shots, she was shaping up to be a much better sleeper. She started eating real food this month and made a lot of epic messes. Finally I wasn’t her exclusive food source and I could venture out on my own (if I had a babysitter and a place to go).
Month 7: We dressed as a Laide Bug for Halloween and she wasn’t too fond of the costume… maybe next year?
Month 8: She said goodbye to her Great Grandma Ruthy. She did so well at the hospital offering comfort and comic relief without even knowing it. Babies are good medicine. Also she started crawling this month- and hasn’t stopped since. I also started working part time. I felt so light leaving for work without 100 lbs of baby + supplies. I thought I might blow away.

Month  9: Talking like crazy. Ziggy (our dog) is “ZeeZee,” Lights are “Diyyyyyyyts.” Milk is “Mah,” I am “Mamamama.” Grant is “Dahdeeeeee” Duck is “duh” Book is “Buh” Puffs are “Bu.” Her little voice is delightful.

Month 10: Personality traits began emerging. We are excited to get to know this miniature girl’s personality more and more. She’s ever so cautious. She got a tunnel for her birthday and it took her about a week of looking at it before she carefully crawled through it. She’s also very social and loves loves loves people. For an example she will be having a fussy day and cry all of the way to the grocery store but once we get there, she is all smiles and pointing and soaking up all the attention she inevitably draws. People ask, “Does she ever cry??” Nope, she’s never cried.
Month 11: She likes small toys she can hold in her hand while she’s crawling. By toys I mean, objects… like a travel size shampoo bottle.

Month 12: Adelaide walks while holding securely on to someones hands. If that someone so much as thinks about letting go she drops to all fours. Come on baby, you can do this. Just take it one step at a time… like we’ve been trying to do this whole year! Also this month, Adelaide got to eat cake, had fun with her extended family and friends, and has enjoyed playing outside on a blanket with toys.

Adelaide’s First Birthday Party


Birthday Girl with Gpa

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