"One of those Days" as they say.

Today was one of those days where nothing worked.

A few weeks ago my midwife told me that swimming could help relieve some of my pregnancy swelling. Something about hydro-something pressure, or something. The swelling isn’t as bad as it was with my first pregnancy, but with 2 months to go, I don’t want it to get to that point so I decided today was the day I would get in the pool at the fitness center. Of course, I didn’t have a swimsuit to accommodate my current state so I needed to go to Target.

When I imagine what hell might be like, I am pretty sure it must involve putting hats, mittens, boots and coats on a toddler who is running away from you, when and you are abnormally clumsy and have decreased lung capacity. Then I imagine that you have to trudge through snow and shuffle across icy walkways carrying said toddler (because if you don’t she will take off in any direction but the one you prefer), then wrestling her into a car seat with the winter gear intact. All of this with the end goal of trying on swimsuits.
Somehow we made it to the store where I bought a very large swimsuit and had a nice little lunch date (just my toddler and me) in the café. She was thrilled to have what she calls a “special treat” and I was thrilled to not have to worry about making lunch. I still wanted to get to the gym but we both desperately needed a nap at this point, so back home we went.

After a long deep nap I woke up and started frantically packing my gym bag so we could get out the door as soon as she woke up because I knew we had dinner plans this evening. Halfway to the gym I realized I forgot a towel, so I circled back. After work traffic was thickening and I wondered a few times if I should just forget about hydro-therapy-whatever for the day.  But after all of the effort I had invested and after getting my girl psyched about “Kids’ Club” I pressed on. It took me a half hour to get to the gym that is only 4 miles from my house.

I checked the girl into the child care area and went to the packed locker room to get ready. To my relief, I didn’t see anyone else who looked like they were headed toward the pool (yay for privacy while I soak). I made my to the pool entrance only to find a sign stating that the pool was closed for the day. “Are you kidding me?” I wanted to yell! All those people in the locker room, and not one of them mentioned anything about the pool being closed when I was obviously heading that way. “Oh well,” I decided “ I guess I’ll just workout” …except, I didn’t bring shoes… just big wet snow boots.
 So I just took a shower because at least I had a towel. Then we went home. Still swollen, but with washed hair.
I’ll spare you the other details of my ineffective day for your sake. Overall, I’m disappointed that things didn’t go as I planned today, but grateful that we got out of the house twice! Take that Minnesota-winter-snowy-don’t feel that good due to pregnancy-Monday!

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