Advent Series Intro: Ruth and Mary, A Journey of Hope

In high school, I had an assignment in art class to research and write a paper on a famous painter.

In Spanish class I had an assignment to write about a famous Spaniard.

In creative writing class I had an opportunity to get extra credit for anything I wrote outside of that class.

I wrote one paper about a famous Spanish artist and got credit for it in all three classes. Triple play! Does that make me lazy or efficient? I’m still not sure… probably both.

A few weeks ago I started an Advent “series” on my blog, which consisted of one post. Now that Advent is coming to an end, I was thinking about writing something more about our tea/bath/Richard Roar Advent experience. Then I realized I could be more lazy and more efficient by posting something I already wrote for another purpose.

My church always puts on a special Christmas service, which is a collaboration between many types of artists; writers, actors, musicians, set/graphic designers, and more. Somehow it always comes together in a beautiful, meaningful, creative collage type of way. Probably something to do with our creative, visionary pastors and church staff.

This year, as a culmination of our church’s series linking Ruth (old testament ancestor of Jesus) to Mary (mother of Jesus), the Christmas service was a dramatic retelling of the journey these two women took to Bethlehem. I had the opportunity to write a few monologues from Ruth’s point of view.

I can’t share with you the whole experience of the service here on my blog as there was a (hauntingly beautiful) choir, a string section, comic relief videos, fabulous actresses  that brought the characters to life, a beautiful set, and several weeks of sermons (available here) that paved the way.

But I can bring you the story I wrote with a few friends about Mary and her foreshadow Ruth.

There are four parts, and four days until Christmas (including Christmas), so come back here for the next four days if you’d like to take this journey of fear, loss, hope, waiting, pressing on despite adversity, and (spoiler alert) redemption.

Merry Advent,



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