I love stories: writing them, reading them, hearing them and of course, living them. I use this blog to share stories from my perspective as a psychotherapist, Christian, mom, wife, writer and Minnesotan. I blog about things I care about: having great relationships, motherhood, having awesome mental health, faith, saving money, being active, pursuing dreams, and understanding each other!

Counseling was the obvious career choice for me. Ever since I was young, I have been curious about people. I wondered what inspires people to change, what helps them when they are hurting, what motivates them, and what makes or breaks relationships. As long as I can remember I have wanted to know this stuff and a part of me has prepared to do this type of work all my life.

I am the mother of two small children who bring me all kinds of entertainment, joy, fatigue, frustration and amazement. I grew up in Iowa so I am easily impressed by small changes in the landscape, such as hills and trees. I’m a classic middle child more interested in peacemaking than decision-making. I struggle with staying organized and I thrive off of authentic deep intimate conversation.


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