Losing it.

I have lost 60 pounds since my child was born (7.5 months ago). Apparently, most of which I carried in my face.
sometime near the end of my pregnancy                                            a month or so ago

I’m only 5’3 and I gained an embarrassing 52 pounds during pregnancy despite my best efforts at following the “Perfect Hormone Balance for Pregnancy” by Dr. Robert Greene and getting my “Prenatal Fitness Fix” with Erin O’Brien (great workout by the way). Between the unexplained swelling I experienced, and the hourly snacks to stave off nausea for 7 months, I looked bad and felt worse. Not really an excuse for the messy hair in the picture on the left though, I realize.
Postpartum, I desperately wanted to get rid of the weight fast as it was making my joints ache and causing me to feel lethargic and what do you know- heavy (in more than one sense of the word). However, I didn’t want to workout too hard and become unable to breastfeed.

I used to be one of those annoying people who said things like, “Oh good, I only have to run 10 miles today, that should be fun and relaxing.” But that is about as distant as my obsession with the TV show Smallville. Because I used to workout long and hard, I felt that walking around the neighborhood pushing a stroller was like claiming cutting bread was exercise, but I did it anyway. Then at about 3 months postpartum, I decided to get serious and ordered Power 90. Not the infamous P90X, just plain ol’ P90. I thought it would be better to start slow. Three boring weeks later, I had gained 7 pounds. I followed the diet and did the work outs 6 times a week, but instead of losing, I was gaining. I took it as a message from my body that I was expending too many calories to feed a baby, so I quit. That and it was so boring.

Once I started eating like a normal person, and went back to strolling around in circles, listening to audio books, I started losing again. Weird, but I’ll take it. I made a bet with Grant to see who could lose 20 pounds first, and I won myself a Kindle. Because I am a cheap person who doesn’t like to waste money, I decided to start P90 again- to get my money’s worth. I am still breastfeeding so I decided not to follow the meal plan and just do the workouts. I am on day 20 and I have lost… one whole pound! I’m going to try to finish the 90 days and then I’ll let you know how it goes.
Be it from abstaining from dairy, or from P90, or from my desire for a Kindle, or from breastfeeding, or from carrying around a baby, or from the grace of God, or from stroller outings, or from a combination of all of it- I feel much lighter (in more than one sense of the word).