Okay, so I wasn’t kidding about my feet being swollen. That ring around my ankles is what was left about an hour after taking off my loosest socks. As unsightly as it is, I thought I should document the state of things. I took a picture of my hand too… but it was grossing me out, so I deleted it. It feels like the dull ache of growing pains. I was told the best thing to do about it is take a warm bath, drink lots of water, and avoid sodium… all of which I’ve been doing- so I guess it’s all taken care of.

Anyway, instead of going on and on about my bloated feet… the exciting news is… No more socks, no more commutes, no more case notes, no more forgetting my lunch at home, no more hair dryers… I’M ON MATERNITY LEAVE!!!! Hooray! I never thought this day would come, and here it is in all it’s glory. I thought I’d get that feeling when I left work, like the last day of school- when you just want to jump up and click your heals, and pump your fist towards the bright blue endless sky. It wasn’t quite like that. Instead I felt sick, sleep deprived, achy, and overly emotional. I’m feeling overwhelmed about being a mother soon, being pregnant still, and other such things. It’s hard to fathom all of the changes that are coming… and most of all, I think I just need some sleep.

So with that, I bid you all farewell, and good night!

2 thoughts on “Swollen

  1. Oh man! Looks like my ankles did. Though mine looked more kankley than yours. I will never forget the first time I noticed them while sitting in the tub. I may have cried. My hands and wrists got so swollen that they ached horribly and Ihad to wear wrist braces to bed. Good news, is that within about 5-10 days after giving birth, I started peeing and sweating like a mother and lost all that water!! Woo hoo! So excited for you that you're almost there. = D

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